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~ Wwendalynne on eBay ~

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Yup, I know, I have been incredibly negligent with my website!   Health issues and farm obligations have also left me with little time for creating..anything!  I have temporarily closed my Etsy jewellery shop as a potential customer tried to contact me regarding a bracelet and I did not find the email until a week later.  Needless to say, I felt absolutely horrible and the customer was, for obvious reasons, no longer interested.  I had set up an extra email account since Etsy does not allow multiple shop accounts from the same email address.  Faced with a website, a Facebook fanpage, Twitter, and Flickr, and a farm to manage with sheep having babies and crop needing to be planted and hay needing to be harvested.. is it any wonder I walk around in a dazed stupour?  And yes, I totally forgot to check my second email account which holds 99% junk mail for the most part.  Anyhow, I simply cannot handle doing anything half-a$$ed and I pride myself on my ability to focus on details and provide excellent customer service.  So, for the time being, my jewellery shop will remained closed until I have the time to better manage the situation. That one extra email account was really the proverbial straw for me.

This has also lead me to change things up with my custom Blythe accessories as I do not have the time or the energy to create larger collection offerings to be sold in my Etsy shop.  With the help of my most excellent computer graphics guru, dRE Williams at Solid Art Collective, we put together an eBay template in order for me to post my items as I complete them and they become available.  dRE is also the genius behind my branding and this WordPress website and I love working with her because it is such a treat to work with someone who just seems to get me and understand what I want even before I put the words out there.  I cannot speak highly enough about her and you can find dRe here: and here

I’ve interspersed photos of my most recent work within this post and it seems I’ve gone off on a boot and matching decorative hairband tangent.  If you really like what you see and want your girls decked out in something similar, you can find my auctions on eBay as, you guessed it, Wwendalynne.  I also post links to my auctions on my Facebook  fanpage.  If you haven’t joined me there, please click on the Facebook icon and ‘like’ my page today.  I really appreciate all the support I can get :)  I also routinely post links to my auctions on the Dolly Adoption group also on Facebook.  This is a fabulous place to find custom/new/used dolls and doll accessories/clothing and everybody is welcome to join.  Here are links to these places to find updates on my work and my eBay auctions:


Thank you so much for stopping by and for your patience.  I hope you enjoy my new creations.






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~ Pretty in Pink ~ Collection

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You have spoken~  Let there be PINK~  In lots of shades and textures~ !

Hands down, the most frequent request I have for my Wwuggs–you may have guessed it by now–yes, it is for pink.  Some want bright, hot and saturated and others just an infinitesimal touch of ballet pink.  Whatever your pink passion, I hope you will find something your girls will approve of in my Pretty in Pink collection which will be hitting my Etsy shop at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday March 31, 2012.  You can access my shop immediately from this page.  Just click on Doll Accessories and then Shop.  

Along with this collection, I am releasing 4 pairs of Premium Wwuggs in a gorgeous Ostrich print leather.  Of course, they are also in groovy shades of pink.  This leather was a challenge and I had to make some adjustments to my usual procedures to accommodate a thicker, tougher hide.  The great news is I have this wonderful leather is a variety of other gorgeous and equally stunning colours so Premium Ostrich leather Wwuggs will be available again in the future.

If you are loving Isobel’s fashion sense, please see the following Etsy shops:

Knit hat by Donna Cooper at Cooperdolls and Blythe fashion by Hilary Wagstaff at moshimoshistudio -

Here’s a snap of the other exciting colours in premium ostrich print:

I also have a medium grey and a vibrant yellow which mysteriously did not make it into my photograph.

It’s after midnight again and I’m about to turn into a pumpkin.  Here is the down low on what you might expect to see with tomorrow’s listings.  As always, to get detailed photographs of any of my bootilicious goods, please visit my Flickr page.  You can do that by selection the Flickr icon on the right hand of the screen..but you don’t have to do that now..unless you want to!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!  Hope to see you tomorrow


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~ Peacock Paradise ~ Collection for March 11, 2012

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Hello Everyone!

My Peacock Paradise collection was inspired by the peacock feathers I had added to a dried flower arrangement sitting in a vase on my dining room sideboard.   The feathers add an exciting dramatic element and have such gorgeous rich colours .  I decided to create a collection around the blue/green/purple family as a result.  Mother nature is such a great teacher on the art of colour combining and shows us a myriad of warm and cool colours can exist peacefully together and even be visually calming.

My plan for the future, is to continue offering similar collections created around a central theme instead of my previous haphazard way of throwing multiple styles and colours together as the mood took me.  It makes for much better and more cohesive photographs and forces me to stop and think and plan before creating.  With a plan in my mind, I find I am able to utilize my time more effectively which is very important as spring is around the corner and activity on the farm will increase exponentially; demanding more and more of my focus and attention.

The Peacock Paradise collection will be available on my Etsy shop on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 11:00 a.m Eastern Standard Time (EST).  I had a number of requests to change the timing of my listings from friends in the UK and EU.  IMPORTANT:  Please note this weekend marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Times (DST) in Ontario Canada where we move our clocks forward by one hour.  If any of this is confusing, I suggest you search on World clock utilities which can be attached to most Internet Browser interfaces.   I personally use World Time for Google Chrome and love its simple analog clock graphic.  Please enjoy a few more photos the my newest collection:


For information regarding upcoming collections, I strive to keep my Etsy shop information as up-to-date as possible and provide the next date for listings on the shop status line.  You can access my shop by selecting Doll Accessories from the blog menu above and then Shop from the drop-down menu.  This will take you directly to my Etsy shop.  You can also visit my Facebook Fan Page which is accessible by selecting the Facebook icon on the right hand side of the page, or at the end of each of my blog posts.  Please join me there if you haven’t already.  And now it’s time to grab some sleep as I get robbed of an hour…  a struggle for this night owl for sure!

Thank you for joining me!







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~ Woodland Glen Collection ~

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Hello!  It has been awhile since my last post with life on the farm keeping me hopping.  We’ve had     a few surprise pregnancies with our lady ewes and consequently a few little lambs have joined our ranks over the past couple of weeks.  On the creative side, my available time has been sadly minimal, but I recharged this week and have a new collection of custom boots, called Woodland Glen, available in my Etsy shop this Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. EST.  This is a limited collection with a number of the suedes in very small supply in my stash.  There are matching leather/ultrasuede accessories to accompany the boots which will be sold as sets.





Here’s a snap of the matching accessories!  These colours are so vibrant and I love the eye candy factor of them positioned together so I cannot resist the temptation to add more photos ;)









In addition to Wwuggs, a number of weeks back, I created a new boot design called Wwuggaluks.  Wwuggaluks are my whimsical take on traditional mukluks worn by the arctic aboriginal people ..only mini-sized for Blythe!  Some of the finishing touches include premium suede lacing with small sterling silver bead ends to create a funky and luxurious pair of boots for your lovely ladies.  I will continue to offer Wwuggaluks as part of my shop offerings on a regular basis.  Shaggadelic Baby!

Over the next couple of months my plan is to release more boot collections based on a specific colour theme.  I hope you will drop by from time to time to catch up on my news and get inspired by my upcoming collections and designs.  Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. More EYE CANDY:  A favourite picture of my custom girl LeeLee created by my dear friend Deb Howell at LaDeeDolly:
Blythe Clothing by the lovely Abi Monroe, another wonderful friend, at Taylor Couture: 


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~ Countess Cobbler ~

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  Yes, this moniker popped up somewhere and I found it fantastically funny!

My Blythe accessory shop is thriving thanks to your incredible support.  The response has been quite overwhelming with my mailboxes recently filled with requests for custom orders.  Unfortunately, I am but one person and my craft is am incredibly time consuming one.  On average, I can complete approximately 7 to 8 pairs of boots in one week.  This is possible only if I dedicate my every waking moments to making boots.  As a result, sadly, I have decided to discontinue accepting custom orders at this time.  Please know my passion comes from designing and creating new things and the workhorse approach to my craft will quickly and inevitably kill my enthusiasm and also the forward momentum and evolution of my designs.   I really would like to expand my repertoire and come up with some fantastic new ideas to share with all of you.  So here’s the scoop on how to nab a pair of my boots if you are interested.  First, check out my Etsy shop.  I list the next date for new listings in my shop status line.  I typically list on Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST.  This allows me to package up goodies on Sunday and ship on Mondays.  Second, be prepared to act fast as they go very quickly.  Please note,  I live out in the boonies on a farm.  My partner, Harald, and I raise pure-bred Suffolk sheep….  It’s a classic Corporate Girl goes Country!  Anyhow, since I  face a half and hour drive to get to the post office, I like to stay somewhat organized and Monday drop-offs are my preference.  My animals’ welfare comes first (Oh, and Harald too)!  If there are any changes to my scheduled listing date, I will indicate this again on my shop status line.  You can find a direct link to my shop on this page by simply selecting ‘Doll Accessories‘ and then ‘Shop‘ from the Menu bar.  This will link you directly with my Etsy shop for Blythe.

If you would like a preview of the items coming up for sale in my shop, I post my photos to my Flickr account prior to listing on Etsy.  The widget on the right had side of this page links you to my Flickr account.  I usually post photos during the early evening hours on the Saturdays I have items to list.   Please do NOT contact me regarding sales on my Flickr account or my account will be REMOVED.  This has happened unfortunately to a number of my colleagues.  Flickr stringently enforces their rules and monitors comments made on photos on mail sent through Flickr mail.  The words Etsy and eBay are verboten!  Okay, where was I?

Yes, I also wanted to mention I will be participating in the For the Love of Blythe project headed up by Cindy Sowers, Jean Yates, and Fanny Zara.  I am working with the Green Team.  Go GREEN team!  I look forward to working with all the amazingly talented people on the project and I was incredibly honoured and thrilled to be asked to join and contribute.  More on this in an upcoming post!  To find out more about the project, please visit:

Eyechips!  Yes, I have completed another batch of eyechips and they are available in my Etsy shop.  The number is dwindling, but I will have more available in the coming weeks.











And finally, a little eye candy in the form of my new girl, Isobel!  Isobel is a custom Simply Guava Takara Blythe by Deb Howell at LaDeeDolly.  Deb’s work included a full customization with a gorgeous head of  pink and natural mohair by Sue at Mohairhouse.  Eyechips in this photo by yours truly.  Blythe fashions by the lovely MadameZeCat on Etsy (knit sweater and hat) and my dear friend Abi Monroe at Taylor Couture (shabby chic skirt), also on Etsy.  The boots, of course, Wwuggs by Wwendalynne.  Great boho feel on this outfit and I’m loving it!  Thanks for stopping by! xoxo



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~ Bijoux ~

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Both of my Etsy shops are keeping me incredibly busy.  I wanted to take a moment to update my blog with some of my more recent creations.  I received a jewellery commission for a unique statement bracelet back in December.  Oh yes, bracelets are my absolute favourite piece to make and I am always up for the challenge of a custom piece specific to the wearer.  I have a certain style I have developed over time, but I crave novelty and change and so I thought of combining my recent work with leather on the doll side with my jewellery designs.  I asked my client if she was game and she was also excited about the idea.  My pieces tend towards the chunky and heavier side, so on this commission the challenge was to design something to fit a client with a very delicate and small frame.   This is the final piece which is now on the happy wrist of my lovely client.











Lots of little bits, beautiful flower charms mimicking the central element, vintage black crystal beads and vintage crystal filled black enamel rounds emphasize the fine multi-stranded oxidized chain on this cuff style bracelet.  A graceful bracelet with presence..

I also came up with the idea of creating a convertible piece of jewellery that can be worn either as a bracelet of as a necklace.  This piece is available in my Etsy shop and it features ooodles of vintage style clear and gold washed lucite beads all on oxidized brass and bronze chain.  A great versatile piece named Trinkets and Treasures.












If you are interested in a custom piece of jewellery, I would be thrilled to work with you to create your very own unique piece!  Thanks for stopping by!


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Opening shop for 2012

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Hello and a Very Happy New Year!

It has been a very busy holiday and I have taken some down time to catch up on orders in my Blythe and Jewellery Etsy shops.  After much deliberation, I have elected to discontinue accepting custom orders on my Blythe boots otherwise known as Wwuggs.  Moving forward in 2012, I will list my custom boots for sale in my Etsy shop on Saturday evenings at 9:00 p.m. EST.  It’s a difficult decision, but necessary.  The boots take considerable time to make and on average, I can only fashion about 7 pairs a week.  That is if I concentrate on nothing but..  So, please join me on my Etsy shop for a weekly offering of Wwuggs and hopefully some exciting new designs down the line while I try to wrangle some additional time for the creative process.

This is my lovely custom Blythe, LeeLee created by LaDeeDolly modelling some of the new accessories I have created during the holidays and also one of my offerings in my Etsy shop this evening.  I’m a huge fan of the mosaic for telling a quick story so I’ve created another pictorial representation of my recent work:

Please stay tuned as I have also completed a few new jewellery designs I would love to share with you.  I am hoping to have a specific post on that topic up tomorrow evening.  My best to you in the New Year!


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